You will be surprised to know the income of #IPL cheerleaders

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What is the income of cheerleaders who dance to every four and six during IPL matches? This question comes to everyone’s mind. Players earn hundreds of crores in the auction, while the teams take big money on winning the match. But cheerleaders will be surprised to know how much money you get in a match.

Average earning of cheerleaders

The average earning of cheerleaders in IPL earns an average of 6000-12000 rupees per match. Eight teams play in IPL and each team gives salaries to their cheerleaders accordingly. But they get a minimum of Rs 6000 per match. Apart from this, after winning the match, they are given a bonus of 3000 rupees. Apart from this, they get Rs 7000-12000 for party and other works.

Royal Challengers Bangalore:
Bangalore are the teams that give the most salaries to cheerleaders. RCB gives its cheerleaders Rs 10,000 per match. If RCB win the match then Rs 3000 is given as a bonus. Apart from this, they get up to 10 thousand rupees for extra workshops.

Kolkata Knight Riders:
The KKR team does not skimp giving money to cheerleaders. KKR’s cheerleaders get 12,000 rupees per match. At the same time the team gets a bonus of 3000 rupees. Apart from this, they get upto Rs 12,000 for extra work like photoshoots or parties.

Mumbai Indians:
Mumbai Indians and the other team give cheaper 7000-8000 per match, plus a bonus of 3,000 rupees. The fees for working in the party and other programs are decided on the basis of their salary.

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