UEFA Euro 2016: Practice match Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal

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In European Football Championship (Euro 2016) before the start of the match World champions Germany defeat by three goals against Slovakia.Four practice matches played so far this is the third defeat of Germany.Augsburg Arena on Sunday played match in the 13 minute Mario Gomez and scored Germany’s lead, but Slovakia’s Marek Hemsik (41st minute), Mitchell Dyhuris (44th minute) and Juraj Kuka (52nd minute) scored thanks to the team suffered defeat.Also, the current European champion Spain, Bosnia-Herzegovina 3-1 in Switzerland. Italy also played a match against Scotland in Malta Grajiano Pele scored a 1-0 victory.Portugal Norway 3-0, 1-0 by Turkey Montenegro and Ukraine beat Romania 4-3.


UEFA Euro 2016

The matches of UEFA Euro 2016 will be start from the 10th june and will end the championship with final on 10th july.In the  championship 6 Group divided with 4 teams in each.Total 24 team that are qualify for the euro 2016 championship.The biggest European football league will be played in France this year.The fan of the football in Europe countries are waiting for this championship.If you are also fan of the EURO cup then must watch matches of the league. The best way to watch matches is online so you can watch UEFA EURO 2016 live streaming online.

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