UEFA EURO 2016: Man of the Match list for last 16

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The France Euro Cup is in full swing at this time. The world’s best teams have been engaged in trying to make a place in the final -8. Eight teams have earned a place in the final -8. Many players has good performance in the cup. Let us tell you who is the man of the match in last 16.The list is prepare by us from the all match result of UEFA EURO 2016 cup.This is the biggest championship of the football after FIFA world cup.The whole world team participate in this EURO cup.The team get qualify after winning the local country tournaments.Now only 8 teams remaining to fight for the quarter-final.Get full deatil of matches in which Man of the match was elected.Every team player get man of the match.


UEFA EURO 2016: Man of the Match in recent matches.

Player Teams Score Date
Ruslen Rotan Ukraine vs Poland 0-1 21 June 2016
Ozil Meskt Northern Ireland vs Germany 0-1 21 June 2016
 Burak Yilmaj  Turkey vs Czech Republic  0-2 21 June 2016
 Ivan Perisic  Croatia vs Spain  2-1  21 June 2016
 Kari Arnasn  Ireland  versus Austria 2-1 22 June 2016
 Cristiano Ronaldo  Hungary vs Portugal  3-3  22 June 2016
 Robbie Brady  Italy vs Republic of Ireland  0-1  22 June 2016
 Eden hejarda  Sweden vs Belgium   1-0  22 June 2016
 Gareth Bale  Northern Ireland vs Wales  1-0  25 June 2016
Renato Snches  Croatia vs Portugal  0-1  25 June 2016
 Antoine Grijman  France vs. Republic of Ireland  2-1  26 June 2016
 Julian Drakslr  Germany vs. Slovakia  3-0  26 June 2016
 Eden hejarda  Hungary vs Belgium  0-4  26 June 2016
  Leonardo Bonuchchi  Italy vs. Spain  2-0  27 June 2016
 Rgnar Sigurdssn  England v Iceland  1-2  27 June 2016

Man of the match Euro cup 2016 election by a vote on the website is euro2016.com.The score of the player is matter to become man of the match in the match.In the above list every team player get this honor.Ronaldo also get this in the match of Portugal against Hungary.Ronaldo is the best player in the world at present.In Copa America Messi get comparison of Ronaldo.


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