This Time Audio Song Release By Dhinchak Pooja

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After conservatory on her last song, she releases her audio song on youtube with Lyrics. This song now in trending list of youtube. The song has long lyrics that is quite different from her last songs.The amazing thing is her channel also got banned a few days back but again she starts with a new channel and getting good subscribers. The name gets viral in India now with her bad singing tone. Every big celebrity also comments on her songs.

The news channel covers her news timely that make her more famous on tv as well as social media.The troll on Facebook gives her fame and fan following.She becomes a youtbne celebrity with other online YouTubers.

Dhinchak Pooja new song ” Baapu De De Thoda Cash” release on youtube before 2 days back and now on 7th position in trending.Now let see who she handle next conservatory and funny thoughts on her song.

The troll of her songs starts coming on facebook top pages. These trolls also work like a trigger for her songs on youtube.The curiosity to watch her songs come from the social media trolls.She does not react to her trolls and any other thoughts on her.Some of the news channels take her interview and ask her about bad comments on her but she does not react to it.Now she is trending celebrity over internet and TV also.

Her recent songs Selfi Maine le li and Dilo ka shooter viral and due to these songs, she gets famous in all over India.Now let see how she will grow in the music industry and make more fans in India.You can watch her latest songs from youtube.



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