T20 world cup : Chris Gayle 100 run in 48 balls against england

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in the third match of the T20 world cup ‘Gayle storm’ came on.Opener Chris Gayle against England hit sixes and West Indies won the victory and become the Caribbean hero. Gayle sixes during his unbeaten innings of 100 Records also fought with the set.

Gayle, one of the world’s most dangerous batsman batting hectic England bowler spared either.West Indies a target of 183 runs in 11 balls and England won by 6 wickets to be achieved.

Chris Gayle 100 run in 48 balls

gayle 100 in 48/47 balls against england
gayle 100 in 48/47 balls against England

Gayle scored the Records-
1 Chris Gayle became the first batsman in the world with this century’s two centuries in the Twenty20 World Cup. Earlier, Gayle had root century in 2007 Twenty20 World Cup. Gayle was then centuries in Johannesburg, which was first century of the Twenty20 World Cup.

2-¬†Gayle century to faced off 47 balls . This way they fastest century in Twenty20 World Cup Records have. Also in Twenty20 International cricket Gayle’s century was the third fastest century.

3. Gayle scored 100 runs during his 11 sixes and five fours. As such, he played some of 86 fours and sixes. He scored 14 runs in the remaining singles.

4- Gayle sixes in T20 International cricket has moved closer to the century. He 11 sixes in the innings, has risen to 98, after which the number of sixes. NL record for most sixes in T20 International was McCullum. McCullum’s name are recorded 91 sixes.

5- Twenty20 World Cup in terms of the name of Gayle recorded 60 sixes. Those most at World T20 batsman who scored six. Yuvraj Singh is the second name on the list, Yuvraj has 31 sixes.

6- Gayle’s Twenty20 World Cup in the most sixes in an innings that clinched the record. There were 11 sixes in his innings. Twenty20 International he most sixes in an innings in the third. Australia’s Aaron Finch (14) and South African Richard Levi (13) are first and second.

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