Pro Wrestling League 2015 Mumbai Vs Punjab Royals -1st match result Mumbai Won

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Pro Wrestling League 2015 Mumbai Garuda team proved against Punjab Royals. Mumbai 5 wrestlers won the fight, the only wrestler to win 2 of the Punjab. Geeta Phogat beat Punjab captain Malik witness the biggest upset of the tournament.
Virat became Yoddhas co-owner 
Virat Kohli have become Bangalore Yoddhas franchises co-owner. Virat Thursday evening came to look at the stadium during the match. A day before the star batsman Rohit Sharma UP Warriors team of pro-wrestling became co-owner.Pro Wrestling league sushil-kumar

 Punjab Royals vs Mumbai Garuda: Fight Adventures

* First Fight: 57kg weight category Royals’ landslide victory in Punjab
Pro-Wrestling League Geeta Phogat captained Royals Punjab won the toss against Mumbai eagle. First against the Royals Punjab category guy Vladimir Heavy Weight 57kg (Georgia), 6-0 win over Mumbai Rahul Aware. The fight was one-sided. Vladimir did not undermine one of the Rahul Aware. They were thoroughly beaten.
* Second match: 53kg weight category Punjab defeat
Women’s 53kg weight category Fight of the men suffered defeat in Punjab Phogat Priyanka. He’s 10-2 win over Mumbai Odunaio Adkuroye.
* Third match: 74kg weight category Punjab defeat
74kg in weight compared to men of category Punjab defeated Praveen Pradeep Rana. The fight was the score 5-5.
* Fourth match: 69kg weight category landslide victory in Mumbai
Category 69kg weight class of the Women’s Fight of the Mumbai captain edelina defeated Vasilisa of Punjab by one-sided 10-1. As a reminder of the US edelina two-time world champion.
* 5th Combat: 58 kg weight in the Gita loses category
58kg in weight category Olympian and captain of the Punjab Geeta Phogat Royals suffered defeat. Sakshi Malik defeated them.
* The sixth match: 125kg weight category Mumbai won
the men’s over 125kg in weight category Mumbai Jrgalsikhan Leven Punjab defeated 2-1.
* 7th Combat: 97kg weight category Mumbai won the
men’s 97kg weight class fight Ktegri Mumbai Odikadje the weather category defeated 8-3.
Dharmendra appeared with son Bobby at Pro Wrestling League 2015
Bollywood star Dharmendra’s son Bobby to fight the stadium arrived. Please tell that they are state-owner of the Warriors. Six teams in the tournament to 30 Indian and 24 foreign wrestlers are jostling.The prize money is Rs 15 crore.
These are the names of franchisees Delhi heroic, Harmers Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh Warriors, Bangalore and Mumbai Garuda Yoddhas.
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