Mexico vs Jamaica match highlights copa america 2016

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Mexico vs Jamaica match was very excited to watch.The match between both teams has good players but Mexico heavy on the jamaica.The prediction of people over this match was right Mexico take over jamaica and win the game with 2-0.The match of Copa America live streaming  on youtube also.This match was 14th match of the championship & both teams played 2 matches in groups.The last match of Mexico with Uruguay was also interesting.In that match, Mexico wins with 3-1 and make a wonderful start in the tournament.The next match of Mexico will be on 14th June with Venezuela .The prediction of the Mexico vs Venezuela match also in favor of the Mexico.

copa america Mexico vs Jamaica

Jamaica not performing well [Loose 2 match in group]

Jamaica team was not such like this as they loose last two matches in the Copa championship.The team has 3 group matches in Copa in that they loose 2 so now they have fewer chances to reach in next round.Jamaica las match with Venezuela was also in favor of Venezuela with 0-1.Now they need a lot of effort in their next match on 14th June 2016 with Uruguay.

Mexico vs Jamaica match highlight

In the Mexico vs Jamaica match 2 goals from the Mexico by JAVIER HERNÁNDEZ (18′) & ORIBE PERALTA (81′).In both, the man of the match was JAVIER HERNÁNDEZ.He has 80% passes accuracy & in this match in 1 shot he complete this goal.In the match, 16 shots by the Mexico team and only 7 shots were from the jamaica team.This shows that Mexico going to win this match although jamaica doesn’t have assist record in the match as Mexico has 2.The position of the jamaica team was very bad from starting of the match , the steal in the match from them was reached to 13 as compared to Mexico 10 steals.Watch match highlights video of Mexico vs Jamaica match.




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