Do you know from where IPL cheerleaders come and what they do after IPL

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Indian Premier League ( IPL-2017 has begun the tenth edition) and eight teams will all entertain the fans for the next 47 days and companies involved in this game earning crores of rupees. What is very much aware of the contribution of IPL Attraction is cheerleaders. On all fours, sixes, and wickets during the match, they would entertain the audience by cheerleaders dance. Instead, cheerleaders get fixed salary from the franchise.  Let us know that from where they come.

 IPL cheerleaders country & what they do after the IPL

During the IPL in India, cheerleaders come from countries like US, UK, Mexico, France, Brazil, Ukraine and South Africa. cheerleaders performers make IPL more attractive.

These are most associated with choreography group. However, many of them have a good degree. Some cheerleaders Physician’s degree in training, Graduate medical education and anthropology.

Earning source

  • Per match funds: 6-12 thousand rupees (depending on to perform in the match)
  • Bonus win is 3,000 rupees (franchises)
  • Extra Apiaries: 7-12 thousand rupees (Party / Event)
  • Photo shoot: five thousand dollars (for newspaper/magazine)

IPL Cheerleaders Photos

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