Kendell jenner was centre of attraction at met gala due to her dress

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Guys we all know that Met Gala is going on.It is fundrasing annual event.A lot of celebrities and models from different parts of the world were  there  .All the celebrities are graced the event with their unique dressing style.In this Met gala, two Indian celebrities Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone were also present.But Kindel Jenner steals the show with her amazing dressing sense .Kendel is an American supermodel and Tv personality who have worked in E! tv show with Kardashians.When she appeared on the red carpet of met gala she was looking so beautiful see pics.

Kindell Jenner pics at met gala

There is no doubt about that Kendell Jenner is a beautiful actress and model.But at the red carpet, she was looking very different from normal.She was wearing almost and transparent dress.  In this dress she posed fro the cameraman.People were attracted by her looks.

She was looking totally gorgeous in her dress and she looking so beautiful in her dress.

She started running when she felt that camera mans are taking her photos from diffrent angels.

She was looking extra ordinary in these pics and she was the center of attraction at the event .

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