When Katrina Kaif invite fans to her new home see what happens

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Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has bought a new home for themselves. To celebrate that the joys of your her new home, Katrina want her fans on new home. Yes, Katrina has itself informed the fact that she wants to party on this joyous occasion with their fans.

Katrina Kaif is reported to have bought a new home through Facebook posts. Katrina said, “Soon I will be moved to the new house, if you guys will then tell you the new house.”

More than 2 million likes and within a few hours on this post-Katrina. More than 7 thousand on this post people have commented. A fan of Katrina wrote to comment on this post, is it true? I was in Mumbai for you to see, but at that time you were not in Mumbai.

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