#IPL 2017 : Cheerleaders will be dance inside the case

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For the audience, the second thriller will be cheerleaders in IPL matches, but now these glamours cheerleaders will be seen inside the case in the stadium.The Cheerleader will do his job while watching the history of the audience in the cricket match at Kanpur Green Park, but in the cages. So that to not disrupt their work by throwing an egg and bottle.

Although the facility is not high class in the stadium but, 8 boxes have been made for Cheerleader in this Velvet field of Greenpark. These boxes are mounted on the control box pavilion next to the Balcony, Directorate Pavilion, Media Center. If the managers believe that dancing the Cheerleaders in IPL matches has been a cause of great enthusiasm. Being a commercial match, such arrangements continue.

Case for security arrangements of cheerleaders

Although security arrangements were going smoothly, for this Cheerleader was arranged to make a trap and dance inside them. But arrangements have been made to maintain a high net on the boundary of the ground to keep the shadows of the madness of the entertainment in the match.So that the eggs and bottles which were already on the field of Kanpur could be stopped earlier. There is a system of deploying a large number of police forces on the Boundary to keep the cheerleader busy for the audience. In order to avoid any incident during the match, the CCTV cameras will continue to monitor every single viewer. Managers looking at these arrangements have started removing the net and paying attention to the arrangement of the net in the boundary. So that the audience does not have to be choked by the cheerleader’s jumps.

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