Highest paid Bollywood actor in 2017

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Every Actor charge different amount for the films and this depends on his acting skills and popularity. Here is the list of the highest paid actors of Bollywood in the year of 2017. This is the latest list which is based on the box office report and media reports. The earning ratio of the actor declare on every movie release.As Salman Khan movie earn highest so he charge highest in the Bollywood.This list is not a part of richest Bollywood celebrity.lets take a look-

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Highest paid Bollywood actors

Salman Khan

Salman Khan, the Bhai Jaan of Bollywood is ranked at the number one position in the list of highest paid actors of Bollywood in the year 2017. He charges Rs 60 crores for his movie and along with it he also put the sharing on total box office collection. He is a deserving actor because his acting influence millions of people and audience just love to watch him at the silver screen.

Aamir Khan

He is the Mr Perfectionist of B’town and on the second number in the list. He done every thing perfectly and that’s the reason why people love to watch his movies. Due to his superb acting and perfection, he is always praised in every film. He charges Rs 50 crores for each movie apart from sharing the box office collection of film.

Shah Rukh Khan

SRK is the King Khan of Bollywood Industry. He charges Rs 40 to 45 crores for every movie. Also, now his most of the movies are home production. His acting is so much realistic and natural that it made him won many awards and stood him on the third number in the list of highest paid actor.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay is the Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood. After coming in the industry, he touched the heights of success after several years but today he is a superstar after so much of struggle. He charges Rs 40 to 45 crores for every single movie.

Hrithik Roshan

Super Hero Hrithik Roshan is listed on fifth position after Akshay Kumar in Highest paid Bollywood actor. Recently the actor signed Ashutosh’s film Mohanjo Daro at Rs 50 crores. However, usually he charges around Rs 40 crores for every movie.

Ajay Devgan

He is another highest paying actor. He charges approx. Rs 22 to 25 crores per movie apart from sharing in profit. If believed to the recent reports, he has increased his per movie charge and also share in profit.

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