Gautam Gambhir And Manoj Tiwary Abusiv on The Field

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Delhi’s Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, Delhi captain Gautam Gambhir and Bengal captain Manoj Tiwary Ranji Trophy match on Saturday between the abuse occurred. India has played on many of these players do not refrain from threatening each other. Circumstances were such that the umpire.Srinath had to intervene. Seriously. Bengal captain Manoj Tiwary hit and rushed towards them from the other side Tiwari went on the offensive. Srinath also pushed Gambhir umpire, who were trying to intervene.

Cricket umpire in touch is an offense which could result in a ban. This event is the eighth over when Partha Bhattacharya Manan Sharma was dismissed. TI to bat at number four. He bowler stopped and pointed to the dressing room to the side of the helmet. Delhi’s players are bad times she deliberately. The argument between the bowler Manan Sharma and Tiwari. Suddenly serious at first slip come up and started abusing the captain of Bengal. After that Tiwari Bifr and he started serious answer in their language.

Gambhir said, “Get in the evening will smite thee.” In reply, Tiwari said, “What night … just to walk out.”Both players have been summoned by match referee Butch Valmiki.

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