From Fat to Fit , Here is the story of Sapna Vyas Patel

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The most of the people become fat when they are lazy but the inspiration make them fit from fat. Here is the story of a girl who have 13 lacs follower in instagram and that she desever. The reason behind the fan following is only her fitness that attract youngester towards her.Here is the photo of sapna vyas patel than and now.

In pictures of than and now she is so slim. Now she come inspiration of millions of people in india and other country as well.

Now she is fitness trainer and running online app “Stay WOW”. The fan following of her increaseing day by day.

Sapna Vyas story

Sapna Vyas get famous on social meida due to a missunderstanding of a politician that look like her. The photo of her get viral in facebook with name of that politician and later the origianl name come in news that was sapna vyas patel.After that she get famous on instagram and people start following her.

Now she look like a model.Here is the pictures of sapna that is looking so beautiful.

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